6x6x60 Walking Program
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Customer Testimonials

On July 1st I began a life changing program that my trainer set me up on. I had gone to see Kurt in June as I knew he did personal training and my life had undergone significant changes and I knew that as a single parent I had to get myself to a better place. Kurt listened to me and knew that I wasn’t ready to start a life of tofu and cottage cheese. He knew I didn’t have time for a gym, or to see a trainer 5 times a week. He knew I needed a program that would work within the constraints in my life so he set me up on 6 X 6 X 60. This program is so simple to follow it almost seemed too easy but Kurt encouraged me to give it a chance and he would support me the whole way through.

6 X 6 X 60 is this: you walk 6 days a week for 60 minutes a day for 6 months you must take the 7th day off. You walk in rain, shine, wind, snow cold, unless you are walk on a treadmill! I started Sunday July 1st my pace was not strong, it was not hard , it wasn’t some race I was in it was just me getting out and getting exercise by walking. Kurt and I set up a FB Training page that only he and I had access to. Every day I would tell him I got my walk in as I posted my walks and everyday he would respond  with kind words or questions about how the walk went how did I feel  or a simple he liked my status. He was able to track my progress and if I ever had questions or pushed to do more he would remind me to just follow the program.

As my days turned into weeks my walks became stronger and longer. I was able to go father and walk harder. With the walking I began to notice my eating habits had started to change as well I wasn’t eating as much, my night time snacking had decreased and my emotional eating had ended. Kurt than began to introduce me slowly into better options for foods.

As the weeks turned into months the change in my appearance was something that if anyone had asked me if I would lose the weight I did in 6 months I never would have believed them. I would get wonderful compliments and people who hadn’t seen me in a while were amazed by the change in me. The 6 X 6 X 60 program became a lifestyle choice and one that I look forward to every one of my 6 days that I continue this program.

On January 1st I ended the official training program and at my final weigh in I had lost a total of 80lbs. I could never have imagined this happening to me and could never have done it without the support of my personal trainer Kurt Gumushel . 

~Carol Parks

St. Stephen, NB