6x6x60 Walking Program
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About 6x6x60

As a personal trainer, whenever I took on new clients, I would catch myself sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher droning on and on as I described all the things my new clients would have to do. "First we do this, then we that, and then" and on and on I would go. Most times, people would either get discouraged and quit or simply start avoiding me.  It wasn't until my Dad decided to get fit that I came up with a program that was simple and straightforward. 

You see my Dad can be a bit, um, ah... stubborn. He is very old school and once he said he was going to start walking, I knew exactly the problems that were going to arise. First of all, he would be tackling his walking program like a bull, giving it 150% and that's just the way it was going to be. If the program was complicated, he would quickly change it to suit his own theory of how things work, he would do the hardest thing possible every time and he would then complain that it was too easy. Ultimately, he would get injured because he would overdo it and that would be the end of the walking program. 

So, that's where 6x6x60 came from, my Dad. "Just walk 6 days a week, Dad, for 60 minutes at a time for the next 6 months. Don't walk for 70 minutes, or 80 minutes. Don't run. Don't do jumping jacks. Don't walk on rest day. Just walk 6 days a week". That was two years ago. He listened for the first 6 months and dropped 20 pounds (not that he needed to lose any weight). It was a battle, but he listened. Now he's walking 90 minutes a day on incline and doing all sorts of new exercises that he has invented. And that's ok with me. The trick was getting him through the first 6 months, healthy, without injury. He's now 70 and when he walks onto the dance floor at the local pub, everybody gets out of his way and the ladies line up for a turn to dance with him. He's in amazing shape. 

If you think about it, using the analogy of the tortoise and the hare, if you walk 5K in an hour, that's 30km per week. I'm a runner, and I average 30Km a week, but I only run 3-4 times per week. Two or three times a year, I get injured and can't run or walk. It's a cycle that only a running junkie can understand. But, nearly everyone can walk for an hour. And, you can get the same body as a runner by walking, you just have to walk more often.  Actually if you follow the analogy through, you are getting more health benefits than a runner because you are spending more time on your feet moving. And time on your feet is the only way to lose weight. 

Now, obviously diet is important but for the first two weeks, you don't have to change a thing with your diet except to drink more water than usual. 

By walking 6 days a week for 60 minutes, you body will start to believe in you. Your body doesn't want to carry around all those extra pounds! But, most people have trained their bodies to be distrustful. The body has seen this song and dance before! So don't expect big results right away. In fact, nothing much will happen during Week 1 and Week 2. If anything, you will probably gain weight! But don't be discouraged, if you can convince your body that you are going to walk for 60 minutes, every day, no matter what!, then your body will start to process fuel differently. It won't horde empty calories and the fat will just start to slide off! But even more importantly, before the fat starts to melt away, you will be feeling happier, healthier, and you will not let the little things in life interfere with your 6x6x60 routine. Once this happens, and the transformation begins, there is no limit to the results you can achieve! 

80 pounds in 6 months? No problem! 

6x6x60! That's the formula!