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6x6x60 Walking Program

6 x 6 x 60 Walking Program

6 x 6 x 60- The Only Fitness Program  You Will Ever Need


Walk your way to your Fitness Goals.


With the beginning of a new year, many people will be searching around for new ways to lose weight, get fit and be healthy. Well, look no further. My program is easy and gets results. My latest client lost 80 pounds in 6 months!



The 6x6x60 plan is simple. The first thing you need to do is go see your Doctor. They will tell you if you are fit enough to embark on a fitness training program. In Canada, they will have you fill out a PAR-Q questionnaire. Once you have talked to your Doctor and received his or her approval, you are ready to embark on the 6x6x60 training program.


Starting next Monday, you walk for 60 minutes at a pace that is comfortable for you. You don’t have to wear weights on your ankles or use walking poles. You don’t have to swing your arms or waddle like a race walker. You just walk. That’s it!  Walk at a pace that is comfortable for you. Don’t push yourself. Don’t race your buddy. Don’t worry about how fast you go, or how long you walked for, or how many hills were in the route you chose. Just Walk!


That’s it! Just Walk… for 60 minutes…. Then relax (and drink some water.)


Tuesday, repeat. 60 minutes of leisurely to moderate paced walking.


Wednesday. Same. 60 minutes, easy.


Thursday. Repeat. Easy


Friday. Repeat. Easy


Saturday. Repeat. Easy


Sunday Rest


You have now completed Week 1 of the 6x6x60 Walking Program. 


That’s it. That’s the skeleton of the 6x6x60 training program. Walk 60 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 6 months. 6x6x60! For the first two weeks, there’s nothing more to the program. After you have completed 2 weeks, then there is a log book that we will start keeping but there isn’t any extra exercise involved.  In fact, you are encouraged not to do any other forms of strenuous exercise while on the 6x6x60 program with the exception of swimming.


Don't think you can do it on your own? Well, that's where I come in. Contact me and we will set up a Success Plan that works for you. This can involve using Facebook, Twitter, Email or Garmin Connect to help keep you on track.  I’ll be your guide as you embark on the adventure towards an active lifestyle! If you want to work individually with me, contact me to discuss pricing. It's only about $1 per day.


So that’s it. You now know the secret of 6 x 6 x 60.  Do it!  Do it on your own, or do it with me! 

If you do it on your own, when you are finished, you can send me a small Donation if you are satisfied with the program. It’s a Karma thing! If you work with me, then you are guaranteed results! 6x6x60, walking your way to a thinner, happier you!

If you are looking to work one on one with a Personal Trainer, contact me at 506-466-8388
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